Saumya Kang

Inspired Women Connect | Facilitator of online groups

Mantra I live by :

My mantra of life is to be positive and live in present instead of past or future.Be humble to everyone, a sorry and thankyou won't harm anyone.

Product/Services Offered


Tell us about your business journey

I am Saumya Kang, founder of IWC group and an engineer by profession. I work with Australian Telecom company in Australia ( currently in India on leaves for 2 yrs)

The IWC group is a social support group for women. This is a space to connect with local women and bring together our cultures and community in today's online world. It's an opportunity to chat about anything to do in life. We also promote women entrepreneurs and local business women. I started this group in 2019 when I shifted to Thane and I felt the need of socializing. Originally from Delhi, I felt that socializing is what something missing here and hence I started the platform.
I also saw this as an opportunity to bring local business women to showcase their products and services. We are now group of 5.5k ladies on Facebook and around 900 ladies on whatsapp. This platform have given confidence to many women to start something of their own and flourish it.


What motivated you to become a Skillpreneur?

I was always motivated to do something and I keep thinking about new ideas. When I was on my maternity leave for my 2nd baby, I thought of starting something of my own. I love talking to people and manage things, this can be the reason I started this platform when I shifted Mumbai.


How did you know when you had the right idea?

All ideas are right ideas if they are being processed in right direction


What is your favorite aspect of being a Skillpreneur?

I love the fact that people got benefit from my platform. They were able to establish their business that too in Covid times.


What makes your business unique?

My business is unique as it has really United people of my group. Although not everyone have met each other still it's like an extended family for everyone. They all are always ready to go extra mile to help each other.


What Drives You to Keep Going When It's Really Tough?

Sometimes it's really tough to keep going as I have 2 small kids (3.5 yr and 2yr).

But what keeps me motivated are the wishes and blessing which you get when you were able to help someone.


What are some of the mistakes you wished you could've avoided?

I won't say them mistakes but they were all learning for me.


How do you achieve work-life balance?

Tim management and multi tasking. Sometimes when everything fails, my husband comes to rescue. He helps in household work whenever required and he is the biggest support I have


What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting their own business?

Patience is the key to success. Keep working hard and be patient

Business like your own baby, it's same that babies takes time in learning running, the same way is your business. Keep working hard and promoting, by Promotion you are registering your brand in everyone's mind