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Mantra I live by :

A river is easy , but its focused . It knows that if it stays on course , and waits it turns that one day , it will dazzel the entire world . Be a river , stay focused and keep going .Be servant of your dreams to live your dreams .

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Tell us about your business journey

I was 19 when I dreamed of launching my 1st Travel Magazine . It was to hard to work on MAGAZINE all alone , without anyone supporting and with limited audience network . This is now after two years I finally started my with 1st Magazine publications .
So I start with , a tailored dream . What is a tailored dream ?
Aaah , a raw dream is a tailored dream ! The relation between a raw and a tailored dream are the alterations done in dream from time to time, due to change in our perceptions . It is a raw dream with firm goal with deviating and distracting ways , having many scattered parts which are stitched together , to form one big dream . So here I am about to launch our Travel Magazine - El Enlace , which is the outcome of my tailored dream , founded in December 2019 . I knew that my dream was tailored so in reality it didn’t exist , but my urge to make it come true was so strong that I built my own path to achieve it . This platform is created for the people who are passionate about their art and are interested in showcasing it to the world , so that their dream come true .
A dreamer is not the one who wonders , a dreamer is a imaginer , who has the ability to create life creatively . Dreamer is a creator of tomorrow’s world ! -Tanishka Dhawan
El Enlace means the Link . The link between reality with the realtor , link between human and the nature (originality) . Our magazine focuses on the relationship of mankind with their spirit and nature , which makes us aware of our existence .
We believe that , there are thousands of places which are yet to be discovered and thousands of stories which are yet to be revealed . Our efforts are to unfold all these part of the world and show you the actual treasure we posses . We provide you with all the first hand information , where our team is been working hard to provide you best of our services .
Every place has enormous things to teach us , what matters is the way we conceive them . We aim to bridge up the gap between the things particular destination has to offer and the way to conceive them by admiring the history it holds , by taking you back to our origin . From revealing major civilizations and their customs which are followed till date , to poetries from another corner of the world, from passionate Brazilian artist to enthusiastic festivals from all around the globe , from exotic nightlife to world famous cuisines , from summer escapes to grand resorts , from interviews of some of the oldest realities of the world which has been lost due to our changing trends and lifestyle , and many more to come.


What motivated you to become a Skillpreneur?

I wanted to work as a travel host with TLC channel . Then someday i thought why to work for a channel when you have an ability to start your own channel . So I motivated myself to start up with my own travel magazine .


How did you know when you had the right idea?

Travel has been the most fascinating topic around the globe . And there are many places , photographers , bloggers , resort , tour companies and many stories which are yet to explored and unrevealed so I took a step forward to create a platform for all of them to showcase their own skills on our platform . And creating this platform was an incredible idea because this is place where everyone can come up and portray their work on international level .


What is your favorite aspect of being a Skillpreneur?

As I sole fully run the whole venture , it takes a lot of planning , controlling , directing , editing and cordinations with clients . And handling everything alone itself is my fav aspect of being skillpreneur because it trains me in all aspect and creates a athentic network globally .


Share any interesting experience after becoming a Skillpreneur.

Expanding my horizon and network on global platform . And I created a golden opportunity to share and discover many stories and experience them , so this has been an amazing thing that motivates me to keep going and know more about people , places , history , adventure , new resorts , new experiences and many more . My hunger to discover , grow and learning evolves me as a aspiring skillpreneur.


What makes your business unique?

It feels great to lead a dream backed by the dream of many dreamers who share their story and experiences . This travel magazine is not limited to any borders , there is always an opportunity for everyone to feature their work with us . Being a digital magazine it has its great coverage and is easily accessible .


What Drives You to Keep Going When It's Really Tough?

Commitment to my clients and offering them best services keeps me going with my never giving up attitude as a cherry on ice - cream & desire to explore more unknown parts of the world .


What are some of the mistakes you wished you could've avoided?

A right audit of content , as couple of time one or two article are missed or left out while publishing and then the same article is to be republished in next edition .


How do you achieve work-life balance?

I never stress on work life , I work according to need .


What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting their own business?

Passion + Willing to do + Never stopping attitude = Successful Business .
Explore your dreams and follow the path that leads you to your ultimate destination and if there is no path then create a path and become a role model that world would love to follow and be like . When you start with your dream work , there is gonna be ample of failure , but remeber never get disappointed because failure and disappointment is 1st step towards great grand success .